A new security feature is coming to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge security feature

Microsoft Edge Chromium edition is more evolved where security
is concerned and the browser is now getting a new feature that
will allow users to keep track of security breaches on their
account with notifications and change their password if

In January 2021, Microsoft plans to add three key improvements:
password breach alerts,
vertical tabs navigation and ability to suggest strong
passwords. These improvements are expected to ship with
Microsoft Edge 88, which is based on Chromium 88.

Microsoft Edge is getting a new password monitor that will
notify users if a fraudulent activity/breach attempt is
detected as long as their passwords are synced to the Microsoft

Microsoft Edge password alerts

It only works with Microsoft account for now, as you’ll need to
sync your passwords to the Microsoft account to activate the
feature. Once you do so, the next time your password is
detected in breach you’ll begin receiving real-time

“Starting with Microsoft Edge v. 88, the browser checks your
passwords against a repository of know-breached credentials and
alerts you if a match is found,” Microsoft noted in an update
to the roadmap.

Edge password alerts

In addition to password manager upgrade, Microsoft is also
working on improvements for the anti-flood protection feature.
In a commit, Microsoft’s Eric Lawrence noted that Chromium’s
built-in anti-flood protection can incorrectly block users from
accessing external handler URLs.

“User-gestures are only recorded for interactions in the web
content area, and thus the protection can block attempts to
launch protocol handlers from bookmarks or the omnibox,”
Microsoft said.

“What’s getting tested here is that the external handler is
always launched when invoked from a bookmark, regardless of
what the [browser] report”, Microsoft noted.

As we mentioned at the outset, Microsoft Edge version 88 is
currently scheduled to launch in January with vertical tabs,
better performance, and PDF reader improvements.

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