A new 5-inch pocketable Windows 10 PC is coming soon

Mini Windows 10 PC
Image Courtesy: LaunchBoom

The Mini PCs have been around for a while but most of the
companies failed to bring such a device to the market. Another
company is trying to enter the Windows hardware business with a
pocketable Windows 10 device. The device called ‘Mini PC’ is as
powerful as possible, and the company is offering it for a very
compelling price.

The company says that the Mini PC is the world’s most
powerful pocket-sized PC and it runs the full version of
Windows 10 operating system. It’s a new cool device with a
5-inch display, that’s the size of a smartphone but the device
seems bulky. It has a regular touchscreen panel that lets you
play music or browse photos.

The Mini PC dual boots Windows 10 and Android 5.1. It has 8GB
of RAM and is powered by Intel Atom processor with a clock
speed of 2.56GHz. The 5-inch device has a resolution of just
1280×720. The company claims that the device could offer up to
6 hours of battery life. As it’s a Mini PC, it has all
necessary connectivity options such as HDMI port, USB 2.0,
USB 3.0, USB-C, headphone jack and Ethernet connectors.

The device uses a new technology to cool down, and the fan
won’t make any noise on your desk. The Mini PC looks bulky but
it can easily fit into your pocket given that the product has a
5-inch smartphone display.

Mini PC
Image Courtesy: Indiegogo.com

The device supports a variety of accessories, including a
Bluetooth keyboard and the company is also selling a foldable
carry case. You can get the device for just $139 if you order
now, while the market price would be $299. It is also worth
noting that device is targetted for September 2018 delivery,
and over 4000 people have already booked the device.

While the project is currently in prototype type stage and the
final product is not yet ready, it has already been
fully-funded on IndieGogo, and the crowdfunding campaign would
end in one month.

By the looks of things, the Mini PC is a successful project as
it has generated more than $300,000 in one week. “We were able
to hit our goal of $20,000 in only 18 minutes!
Good news is… we still have 30 days left in our
campaign,” Leo Cheung said.

It shouldn’t take too long before the company launches the Mini
PC as the project has already received the funding. You can
back it
from Indiegogo for $139. What do you think about
the Mini Windows 10 PCs? Let us your thoughts know in the
comments below.

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