A Fold Apart is a 3D Puzzle Game Inspired by Origami and Based on a True Story


A Fold Apart is a 3D Puzzle Game Inspired by Origami and Based on a True Story

June 23, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

Lightning Rod Games is seeking $45,000 on Fig to complete development of its 3D puzzle game, A Fold Apart, which is inspired by origami and papercraft. The story is based on the long distance relationship between Lighting Rod’s co-founder Mark Laframboise and his now wife, Robyn.

A Fold Apart‘s “paper folding” mechanic has already won numerous accolades at various industry events, attracting partial funding by Canada Media Fund and Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Check out a trailer above and an overview below.

Just as in the true story, when career choices force the characters down separate paths, they vow to make their relationship work despite the challenges of living apart. Though they frequently communicate through text messages, misunderstandings are inevitable and cause the characters to erect emotional barriers that physically bar their path. By folding the pieces of paper these characters inhabit, players are able to help the couple safely navigate around their relationship hurdles and find a way forward.


  • Completely new mechanic: folding paper
  • Over 50 unique puzzles exploring an emotional narrative
  • Where Love is Universal: play as any gender combination
  • Based on a true story: one of the developers’ own long distance relationship

In case you’re curious what the Fig crowdfunding efforts are for, here’s a breakdown:

  • The full realization of our unique paper folding mechanic that we built from the ground up
  • New animation and art assets to help bring our beautiful papercraft world to life
  • Additional cutscenes and narrative moments to truly capture the emotions of our long distance relationship story
  • Extra optimization to ensure a smooth gameplay experience on multiple platforms as close to launch as possible: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Final dev kits needed for platform development

For more information, head over to Fig.

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