A closer look at Windows 10’s new animations arriving next year

Windows 10 animation update

With Fluent Design System for Windows 10, Microsoft has
introduced new animations, user interface, motions, and
transparency effect throughout the user interface. Animations
are important for a more polished user experience, but they can
also make your computer feel sluggish, especially when you’re
using outdated hardware.

Microsoft is
planning to add a ton of functional changes to the OS with
Windows 10 21H2 and there’ll be some animation updates as
well. In Windows 10 preview build 21277, Microsoft trades the
traditional fast transition animation that’s been used for over
five years with a new and more noticeable ‘zoom’ animation.

In the changelog, Microsoft noted that the animation would be
visible when you open or close a window of your apps. Based on
our testing, it appears that Microsoft is trying to make the
transition feel ‘smoother’.

Windows Run animation

This is a pretty subtle change but it’s visible when you
interact constantly with your app windows. You can also trigger
the animations in the out of the box (OOBE) screen by launching
an instance of Command Prompt.


As you can see above, it’s very noticeable when launching or
closing smaller app windows and you’ll see this animation in
almost every part of the OS where program windows can be
launched or closed.

Of course, you can still use your own animations for some
transitions, or disable the animations completely.

According to sources, Microsoft is also working on new
animations Start Menu, Action Center, context menu, and other
core components of the operating system.

The new animations currently have a downside: speed. In the
preview builds, you have to wait a moment when the app window
animates in, but it’s likely that Microsoft will improve the
speed before the public launch of the update, which is
scheduled to happen in the second half of 2021.

In addition to new animations,
Microsoft is also experimenting with new features for your lock
screen, desktop, camera, taskbar, battery settings, and

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