6 Tips to Buy PlayStation 3 with a Good Quality

6 Tips to Buy PlayStation 3 with a Good Quality

6 Tips to Buy PlayStation 3 with a Good Quality

A price of playstation 3 console today is much affordable and interesting for gamers than buying playstation 4. But, most of the gamers get trapped in a relatively low price but it only lasts for a while due to yellow light of death.

Preventing to Buy PlayStation 3 FAT Version

The offered price of playstation 3 FAT is very cheap. But, whatever your reasons need to prevent the purchase of PS3 version in order that your money is worth it. It is better to get patient in gathering much more money in order to purchase the upper version such as Playstation 3 Slim or Playstation super slim. The cause is that PS3 FAT has a bigger size processor than the other versions so that it makes heater and riskily get YLOD>

Choosing PS3 Slim or PS3 Super Slim

After you prevent the purchase of PS3 FAT, the next way to buy playstation 3 is selecting two available playstation 3 variants. You may choose PS3 slim or PS3 super slim. But, not all PS3 slim products have no stronger strength because some versions have still bigger processor size like PS3 FAT version. Make sure that PS3 Slim that you bought have higher version.

Checking HDD in Playstation 3 Still Great

In addition to concern on the purchase of version and variant of PlayStation 3, the next consideration is hard disk quality. The set hard disk in PS3 must be still great. If the hard disk of playstation 3 is still good, a process of loading system and game will run smoothly. The ways on knowing hard disk in the good condition is seeing water wave on the screen. If the wave is moving smoothly, the hard disk is in a good condition. But, if the wave moves slowly, the hard disk is ensured to be a bad condition. To get a navigation in the system, it feels so hard and heavy.

Checking Bluetooth Connectivity

Make sure that Bluetooth connectivity in PS3 console that you want to buy has a good condition. The bluetooth connectivity is much important to connect controller to DualShock3 in order to make console with no problems. If Bluetooth connectivity gets trouble, you will get hurried in connecting controller and the other devices to console.

Considering PlayStation 3 Temperature

When you want to purchase playstation 3, make sure that temperature of the machine is not reaching more than 70 degree Celsius. It is caused that normal temperature of playstation 3 is under 70 degree Celsius. If the temperature is out of the control, the game console will not get durable for longer. A checking system can be conducted by a Multiman system in PS3 CFW version or use a device to detect playstation temperature.

Preventing to Buy Online

Electronics device is surely risky to the damage so that it needs to avoid online purchase of PS3. It becomes one of Tips Buy PS3. The safest way to buy PS3 is to purchase it in an official store or guaranteed store. You can check it directly related to the condition and quality of PS3.

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