50 v 50 v3 Returns in New Fortnite Update

50 v 50 v3 Returns in New Fortnite Update

June 11, 2018Written by Bradley Russell

50 v 50

The ever-popular Fortnite mode 50 v 50 which pits, you guessed it, two teams of 50 against each other across the sprawling battle royale map, is back in the game thanks to the recent Fortnite 4.4 update.

As the ‘v3’ in the name would suggest, the limited time mode of 50 v 50 comes with a few changes this time around. They are as follows:

  • A new, larger Storm circle has been added to the beginning of the match.
  • Extra supply drops fall in the new circle, giving more players a chance to find an open one.
  • Supply drops now come in batches of 4-8 (up from 3-6), fall every two minutes, and only lands in the first two Storm circles.
  • The damage applied over time while in the Down But Not Out state has been changed to the default of 2 damage per tick.
  • Bonus resources earned from farming reduced from +75% to +25%.
  • The Storm circles are now more likely to bias towards the center of the map, this helps make the bus flight path less important.

Despite being one of the more frenetic fan-favorites, 50 v 50 v3 won’t stick around forever. If previous limited time modes are any indication, it appears that we’ll only get around two weeks for the third go around at 50 v 50. Just keep it in the main game Epic, I beg you!

If you don’t know your flossing from your taking the L, here’s a primer on 50 v 50: as opposed to the traditional battle royale’s solo or small squads duking it out for a Victory Royale, the name of 50 v 50 is very simple: kill everyone else on the other team until your team is the only one left standing. See, told you it was simple.

[Source: Epic Games]

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