2D action game The Tower of Permanence due out by summer for PS4, Switch, and PC in Japan, later for smartphones

The Tower of Permanence

Japanese developer Commentout will release 2D action game The Tower of Permance for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC by summer in Japan, followed later by iOS and Android, the studio confirmed at Tokyo Sandbox 2019 in Akihabara this past weekend.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:


A 2D action game set in the “The Tower of Permanence,” an automatically generated dungeon not dealt with by ordinary means, where powerful monsters await. With network-based social features, this brutal dungeon is designed with the concept of playing while competing against other players.

Key Features

  • An Automatically Generated Dungeon that Changes Every Day – Every 24 hours in the real world, the internal structure of “The Tower of Permanence” in-game setting will drastically change. With different mechanics from the previous day that await, you must compete with other players to clear the dungeon.
  • Don’t Adventure Alone – Share information through social features like leaving notes for other players in order to clear the dangerous tower. But will the notes left by other players offer a means of escape, or an invitation to death?
  • Various Characters – Starting with the hell maid Cocoa, you will be able to play as various characters in challenging the tower. Whether you can attack with a multitude of magic or climb the tower as quickly as possible, the gameplay style varies depending on the character.

Watch an old gameplay trailer below.

Thanks, 4Gamer.net.

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