2019 iPhone XR will reportedly get two new colors

iPhone XR

One week after a rumor spilled the beans on some of the new features of Apple’s 2019 iPhone XR, some more info on the upcoming device has leaked.

New photos claim to show the color options that Apple will have for the 2019 iPhone XR. The images, posted by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, show pieces of broken glass that indicate Apple will offer lavender purple and green colors with the next iPhone XR, replacing the blue and coral colors on the current model.

The photo also shows white, black, and yellow pieces of broken glass, suggesting that those three colors will also be available on the 2019 iPhone XR.

2019 iPhone XR colors lavender purple, green

The current iPhone XR is also sold in a (PRODUCT)RED version, and while there’s no red piece of glass in these leaked photos, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Apple offer a red 2019 iPhone XR considering its long-standing support for the (RED) charity.

One of the most attractive features of the iPhone XR is its colorful finishes, giving customers the chance to buy fun colors like yellow and coral in addition to the black and white hues that most every phone comes with. It’s nice to see that Apple will continue to give the iPhone XR fun color options with its next model, adding in lavender purple and green paint jobs to give buyers more choice and help the 2019 iPhone XR stand out.

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